Laptop Story Big Worry for Transatlantic Travellers


Passengers on flights to the US from the UK could face a ban on taking laptops into the cabin…

According to The Times President Donald Trump is considering extending his ban on large electronic devices being carried in aircraft cabins on flights from Europe. Such a move would follow a rule put in place last month on flights to the US from the Middle East.

Although no announcement is considered imminent, a move by the US Department for Homeland security is under serious consideration and could be confirmed within weeks.

Under the new US rules implemented by Trump on flights from the Middle East, nothing larger than a mobile phone can be carried into the cabin; all other devices must be checked into the hold. There is no such rule on flights to the Middle East, as the new President considers that US airport security is good enough to detect any suspicious devices.

If the ban is extended to the UK, it will have a huge effect on busy transatlantic flights. Apart from concerns that expensive gadgets will get damaged, lost or stolen, business travellers will be especially concerned about the amount of productive time they will lose on flights, particularly to destinations like New York, which attracts a high number of corporate travellers.

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