KAREN WALLACE travelled to Bali to discover what the Indonesian island has to offer inquisitive tourists…

When you step off a plane and smell the fragrance of frangipanis, hear the gamelan’s melodic riff, and see bright colours all around, you know you’ve landed on the tropical Indonesian island of Bali.


My first stop was a short taxi ride north from Denpasar airport, to the cosmopolitan town of Seminyak. Filled with boutiques, designer outlets, spas and cafes, it has rapidly expanded since my first trip to Bali six years ago.

Facing west, Seminyak is the most sophisticated of a string of resorts on the south west coast, which is best positioned for astounding technicolour sunsets. It is not surprising that many of the world-class hotels that line the sandy beach of Seminyak have capitalised on them by investing in swanky sunset bars.

We had arrived at the start of a long weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Our group opted to hire a private villa as there would be a large number of us for the first weekend. offered Villa Yoga as it sleeps 14, comes with its own pool, and is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and nightlife. It was an added bonus that it also came with its own yoga studio!

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