After Hawaiian Airlines won the right to weigh its passengers at check in, research has revealed that 61 per cent of British holidaymakers would also welcome these measures…

According to a poll of over 3,500 British holidaymakers, conducted by travel extras specialist, a quarter of people were behind the plans for safety reasons and 15 per cent thought that heavier passengers should be charged extra at check in – a view that is held by almost twice as many men than women.

For the 39 per cent of people who didn’t agree with weighing passengers at check in, many respondents found it to be rude, intrusive, and unnecessary. A further 16 per cent also worried that it would lead to discrimination against larger passengers.

When asked how they would respond to an airline which started charging extra based on weight, 20 per cent of people said they would boycott the company. However, nearly one in ten said the initiative would actively encourage them to use an airline more often.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at, commented: “We take a keen interest in any emerging trends, initiatives and technologies that could have an impact on our customers’ travel experiences. The subject of weighing passengers at check in is clearly a very controversial and sensitive one which divides opinion. As more airlines look to introduce weight-based policies, this issue will increasingly become a talking point and it’s interesting to see that public support has increased during the past year.”

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