Belfast Streets Ahead

Belfast and Cardiff are among the most affordable UK cities for romantic gifts and activities says a new survey…

Online florist Bloomy Days conducted the Valentine’s Day Price Index 2017 to better understand the varying global costs of celebrating romance.

After observing that the average price spent on Valentine’s bouquets varied largely from city to city, the online flower retailer researched the costs of popular Valentines gifts and activities around the world, with the study revealing that location greatly impacts the cost of romance.

Belfast was the best for value across the UK, with celebrating Valentines Day in the city costing an average of £464.28 overall. Cardiff came a close second, and was only slightly more expensive with an average cost of £467.55 to celebrate Valentines Day.

Internationally, the study reveals that Prague, Czech Republic is the most affordable city to spend Valentine’s Day in overall, at £376.53, whilst Los Angeles, USA is the most expensive at £1081.46.

For the cost of a romantic day in Los Angeles, two people could afford all the romantic activities in Prague and still have enough money left over for return flight Los Angeles-Prague over the Valentine’s period.

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