Travellers are being warned to take extra care when abroad after an outbreak of a deadly tropical disease in a number of popular holiday destinations across the globe…

HEALTH experts have called for urgent action to tackle the spread of the “global dengue pandemic” in Asia, which had the highest spike of the disease in the world.

Though it’s a tropical disease, cases have been reported in France and Croatia. After it struck the island of Madeira last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a future European outbreak.

Though it cannot be passed from human to human, a non-infected mosquito that bites someone with dengue then becomes a carrier, passing the disease to the next person it bites.

Infected travellers can also inadvertently bring home the disease to their native country.

Dr In-Kyu Yoon, director of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI), said: “The dengue problem won’t just go away and won’t be helped by half measures.

“If countries and regions want to tackle the issue effectively, it will take a huge commitment on the part of individual countries and regions, groups of countries, to address it.”

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